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Toyota Prius Speedometer Cluster
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  • Item #: MRP-X-TOPR-05*-SPCL
  • Manufacturer: Toyota
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 83800-47180
  • Condition: Refurbished
Toyota Prius 2005 (Made After October 2005) 
Speedometer Instrument Cluster
- $149.00 + $75 Core deposit

Compatible part numbers:

This is Exchange Service where you will receive SPEEDOMETER DISPLAY from our stock that was rebuilt and tested on the test stand and on the vehicle.
Display will come with LIFETIME WARRANTY (Requires Core Return).

This is not just another used speedometer display from the salvage yard, that already has same problems as yours or will fail anytime, your display will be completely rebuild and updated to eliminate common known problems and guarantee good. With our display you are covered for any of the following problem:

Known problems:

  • Dark instrument panel, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, PRND display
  • Speed, fuel, PRND display blinking on and off while driving
  • Intermittent problem in cold temperatures 
  • Power button inoperable at the time of speedometer failure

Once the problem starts it usually gets worse until eventually the display never comes on at all. All boards will eventually experience this problem, as it is a design fault.

For years we perfected rebuild solution and after over a several thousands of displays being rebuilt we have less than 1% warranty returns. And that's what make as different from the others rebuilders.

We are not only replacing failed parts. We rebuild and update complete unit, replace all the parts known to be weak and might also fail with updated parts that can withhold the pressure and modify display board the way to prevent future failure. That's why we provide LIFETIME Warranty (required core return) and stay behind every unit we rebuild. 

Your cluster will come pre-programmed and ready to plug. 

Core return:
Transaction designed as exchange service and you will receive $75 refund when  you return your bad display core back to us. Non-returned core will void the Warranty. $75 refund will be issued back to your Credit Card/Paypal account and you will receive email notification that payment was  partially refunded. Most of our exchange services required core deposit and we are very punctual in refunding.
To insure prompt refund, please return your core within 30 days from the day of purchase.
  • Your core must be complete, no missing parts.
  • Water or fire damaged displays, or displays with broken display screen WILL NOT be accepted as a core .
  • If you or someone else attempted to repair the unit - contact us first. Repairs required special  skills and circuit board could be easily destroyed by unprofessional  approach, as a result control can become non repairable.

Mileage: We have around 40 displays in stock with all kind of mileages available, please provide mileage from your cluster in the box below, we'll match it as close as possible.

Warranty info: This Exchange service comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Please read full warrantyTerms and Conditions.

Removal/installation instructions: Installation instructions for DIY are available, though it is recommended to do replacements in a professional mechanic shop.


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Price $149.00
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